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Holly Dufek: Casey & Friends is a series of educational books that introduce children to modern farming, with a focus on science and technology. The books incorporate colorful action photography and fun cartoon illustrations with informational content – making them entertaining as well as educational.

Holly Dufek: My formal education is in curriculum development, so writing informational children's books is a natural fit. I grew up in an agricultural community, and my grandparents were farmers.

I am able to write about a subject I feel passionate about and educate a generation of children who may not have the opportunity to learn about farming first hand. That's awesome!

Holly Dufek: Each book in the series focuses on a specific piece of equipment or topic, but there are several high level lessons that children (and parents) will learn when reading this series.

Modern farming is driven by science and technology. It is not the traditional image of one farmer working in his fields with a small tractor.

Food does not grow in the grocery store. It takes many people to produce the food we need.

Farming is hard work. And farmers work everyday of the year.

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